USDA Home Loans -

Why Choose A USDA Mortgage?

USDA Rural Development Loan Program Benefits

Zero Down Payment

  • USDA Home Loans are property specific.
  • If the home you want to buy is eligible, and you fit within the income limits, the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Loan Program can be very powerful.
  • We participate in their Single Family Housing Guaranteed Program.
  • Click the links below to check eligibility:
  • Property Eligibility Lookup
  • Income Eligibility Lookup

Very Cost-Effective

  • USDA Home Loans avoid most loan level pricing adjustments, helping make homeownership more affordable.
  • USDA Rural Development Mortgages offer low annual and up front mortgage insurance
  • That means that if you have marginal credit, and no down payment with just enough savings for your closing costs, you have better rate and fee choices.

We Help You Assess Your Best Options

Start Your USDA Loan Preapproval Now

You’ll Learn Your Best Options And The Math Behind Them.

USDA Loans And Credit Scores

  • Conventional loans require a 620+ credit score.
  • Although USDA Rural Development Loans do not have minimum credit score requirements, lenders do.
  • 640 is typically the minimum required credit score to qualify for USDA Rural Development Loan Program financing.

Higher Debt To Income Ratios May Qualify

Look. Just because you can qualify for more borrowing, doesn’t mean you should take it. You don’t want to be house poor. But, there are circumstances where on paper your debt to income ratio may be higher than how you actually live. In those cases, qualifying with a higher DTI (debt to income ratio) can be helpful.

Other USDA RD Loan Benefits

  • Streamline Refinances. Sign And Save!
  • USDA Rehab Or Renovation Loans
  • USDA Construction Loans. Yes, We Do Those Too.
  • Help Build Your Credit History

Give Us A Call Now!

One of our Mortgage Experts will answer. And if we cannot talk, we’ll call you right back. In about a ten minute conversation you can get your USDA Mortgage Preapproval.

USDA Mortgage Insurance

  • USDA home loans have up front and annual mortgage insurance premiums.
  • The up front premium is only 1% of your loan amount. This can be paid in advance at closing, or financed on top of your loan amount.
  • FHA’s annual mortgage insurance is .35% of your loan amount, lower than FHA’s annual mortgage insurance, and much lower than private mortgage insurance premiums, with marginal credit and low down payment.

Steps To Your USDA Rural Development Home Purchase:

  • Get a USDA mortgage preapproval. You want to understand the math behind your rate and fee options, your total monthly housing expense, and your total cash to close.
  • Start shopping for a home that meets your needs and budget.
  • Make an offer on a home you like that meets their eligibility requirements. Our mortgage preapproval letters are specific to your offer/s, so you’re not showing your cards to the seller.
  • Get into contract.
  • Close your home purchase. We can usually close your USDA loan in two or three weeks, if speed is important to the seller.
  • Enjoy your new home!

Your Roadmap To Homeownership

We can get you qualified and preapproved for your USDA Home Loan in about a ten minute conversation (or you can complete our online USDA mortgage preapproval application, that we’ll follow with a phone call). But, sometimes you’ll find that you won’t qualify for what you’d hoped.

  • Maybe you need to boost your credit?
  • Maybe you need to save more for your down payment and closing costs?
  • Maybe you need a little more income to get into the home that best fits your needs?
  • Maybe the home you like isn’t eligible for USDA Rural Development financing?

Whatever the reason may be, we’re with you, every step of the way. And, we often have solutions you may not have considered, to get where you want to be, too. Either way, you will have a clear roadmap to achieve your goal of buying your first home.

We Respect Your Privacy

Don’t worry. You won’t get bombarded by telemarketers. We’re not like lendingtree or bankrate that are lead generating funnels who sell your information to mortgage companies. Nor are we a fully electronic, nameless, faceless app, that serves up information without helpful insight. We’re real people, at your service to help you evaluate your spectrum of options, and make the best decisions to suit your needs.

Patrick Frost

Working with Eric from EZ Mortgages was an absolute pleasure during our recent home purchase. From start to finish, the process was exceptionally smooth and efficient. Eric’s expertise and dedication made navigating the complexities of securing a mortgage seem effortless. Not only did he provide us with competitive rates, but he also offered invaluable guidance every step of the way, ensuring we made informed decisions. The communication was always prompt and clear, leaving us feeling supported and confident throughout the entire process.

EZ Mortgages exceeded our expectations, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking a seamless and stress-free home financing experience. Thank you, Eric, and the EZ Mortgages team, for helping us achieve our homeownership dreams!

Patrick Frost

Elisse and Andrew Tweet

“Wow! What an awesome job, thank you so much.”

Elisse and Andrew Tweet

Gustav Muehlenhaupt

Eric is fantastic very helpful in a complicated process.

Gustav Muehlenhaupt


Eric is the fifth mortgage lender my husband and I have used over the years, but he will certainly be the ONLY one we use in the future! We have never had anyone so quick to respond, so organized and absolutely no-nonsense. What he says he can do–he does. He was also the fastest broker we have ever used. He cut through the red tape and just got it done for us. We would not hesitate to recommend him to any of our friends and family. My Mom is already using him on a property! A+


Sarah Cheney

Eric with EZ mortgage is great to work with on loans. I can count on him for detailed and articulate information and options, he follows through and there’s zero bs and mistakes; he definitely delivers.

Sarah Cheney

Alfonso Herrera, Sacramento, CA

“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service, you provided me with, it was a very good experience, everything went on as you said with no surprises, hidden fees or anything like that.  It is very refreshing to know that there are still people you can trust, and I would not hesitate to recommend your services.”

Alfonso Herrera

David Granzella, NorCalREIA

“Your in-depth and professional work is amazing.  I have these wonderful thoughts that tomorrow may just surprise us, keeping our team together on this one.  SERIOUSLY…”

David Granzella

Cathy Asbury, Auburn, CA

“Eric as always fast, efficient and full service.”

Cathy Asbury
Lyon Real Estate

Kimberly Murphy

Eric is absolutely wonderful. He has an expert eye for detail, constantly educates himself on the market, and consistently updates and stays in contact with his clients. My husband and I confidently recommend Eric and look forward to our continued working relationship for all of our mortgage needs.

Kimberly Murphy

Brie Hall

Where do I even begin with all of the glowing remarks I have for not only EZ mortgages (true to their name) but specifically Eric! We were NOT easy clients. We made an offer with a 14 day close and hopped over to Eric from another lender that was severely overcharging us in garbage fees with just 10 days left. We were also jumping through all of the hoops with the California Fair Plan and Eric was absolutely phenomenal.

You always hope that people you are working with in your big life moments will act with the same care, passion, and intentionality that you are putting in but rarely do you actually get that because this is something THEY do every day – just a new experience for you! But not Eric, he called us well after normal business hours were done, was immediately responsive ALWAYS, and was first class in his knowledge of the industry and a great person to patiently guide us through this process.

Eric will GET IT DONE and will be our only recommendation to friends, family, strangers, etc. going forward. This guy deserves your business – he earns it!

Thank you Eric!
Brie Hall

Home purchase March 2024

Brie Hall

Michcael Scannell

Eric turned around a $180,000 refinance for me in 17 days and he was trying to save me money from the start. Eric has mastered and applied technology to what was once considered a cumbersome process that took forever and a day and turned it into a quick, user-friendly experience. Extremely well educated, Eric was able to work around any and all dilemmas raised by the lender. Erik is just a very friendly person with excellent communication skills. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Mortgage.

Michcael Scannell

Anthony and Elaine Chiu, Hillsborough, CA

“You are very welcome for our referral.  We want our friends to have the best mortgage service.”

Anthony and Elaine Chiue

Leila Barnec, Lincoln, CA

“You are the kind of person the business world needs more of, and  I will think of you always and recommend you to my friends and family. Love the job you did for me, you were awesome. Will think of you while I’m shopping…haha  Thanks again”

Leila Barnec

Matouš Horák

I just finished refinancing my house with Eric and I have nothing but good things to say. The whole process was very transparent and fluent.
I chose EZ mortgages as my second option after I wasn’t happy with terms and rate I got offered and I am glad I did. I saved a lot of money on loan processing and got a better interest rate.

Matouš Horák

Sandeep Agarwala, Cupertino, CA

“I would like to thank you for helping me refinance my loan. It was a pleasure working with you. You were very patient, responsive and efficient all throughout the process. I would be happy to recommend you to my friends and relatives.”

Sandeep Agarwala

David Gustafson

Eric is an excellent resource for providing a mortgage. More importantly his ability to come up great ideas to align with your requirements is a key skill. If you are looking for an excellent way for financing a purchase or a refinance make sure to talk with Eric!

David Gustafson

Michael Jaquet

We just re-financed our rental property in Park City and not only got a great interest rate but the attention to detail we got from Eric at EZ Mortgages was second to none. He was quick and efficient on what documents he needed and even pitched in to help us track down information we needed. He kept us up to date throughout the process on everything and was transparent about EVERY financial detail in the deal. This was Eric’s first loan in Utah and he knocked it out of the park. I would highly recommend him and his company to anybody in Utah and will certainly use him again for any needs I have in the future. MJ

Michael Jaquet

Tina Hewitt, DE Underwriter, Sierra Pacific Mortgage

“Your files always Rock!    Thank you for your business, we know you have a choice.”

Tina Hewitt, DE Underwriter
Sierra Pacific Mortgage

Sudhir Kaushik and Ramya Somaskandan

“We recently went through a refi and were immensely pleased with Eric Grathwol. He is very thorough, very patient and extremely detailed in what he does. He will answer 100 emails if you want and present an objective assessment.  I know a lot of you are also considering a refi and strongly recommend him – you can let him know that I referred you.”

Sudhir Kaushik

Helen Danhakl, Realtor, Oakland, CA

” Eric – Received your most thoughtful gift today. All I ever expect of a professional is good service, and you certainly gave my daughter and the Bretts that.  So an additional gift was certainly a surprise.  And to my favorite restaurant at that!  It will be put to excellent use.  That was so nice of you.  Be assured that when I order cocktails they will be used to remember you with a toast.  Thank you again, so very much.  For everything.”

Helen Danhakl

Cathy Asbury, Auburn, CA

“You are absolutely amazing – to close a loan in under 26 CALENDAR days, that includes a 3 day weekend??  and fight for the client on the turn times?  Thank you, Eric,”

Cathy Asbury
Lyon Real Estate

darrell peer

I’ve used Eric for my mortgages for the past 12 or so years, 2 purchases and 2 refi’s I believe. Most mortgage brokers send you a card once your loan closes and you never hear from them again. I truly consider Eric a valuable asset in helping me meet my financial goals. Over the years I’ve run probably 50 ideas by him, either wanting to refi, some wild ideas about buying other properties, or consolidating debt, etc. I send him an email and he checks into what I want to do then responds with good, honest advice. He’s advised me not to do what I had considered many more times than to go forward, even though he probably could have bought a new car off the commissions had I gone through with every idea I had. I don’t think he’d let me get into a loan I couldn’t really afford.
A side benefit of being his client is that he sends out email updates about the market, rates and sometimes just general financial musings. I look forward to them as much as any paid advisory newsletter that I get.
Any mortgage broker can get you a loan but if you want someone who has your best interests in mind, knows exactly what he’s doing, will be the last mortgage broker you ever need and will entertain your crazy schemes then painlessly bring you back down to earth, nobody else can do it better.

darrell peer

Brandon Johnson

I recently had the pleasure of working with Matt Wilkerson and team from Ezmortgage for my home loan, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience. I was in a rush to secure a mortgage, and they went above and beyond to ensure everything was done on time.

From the moment I contacted them, their team was incredibly friendly and accommodating. They took the time to understand my specific needs and financial situation, making me feel valued as a customer. This personalized approach was a refreshing change from the often impersonal interactions I’ve had with other financial institutions.

What truly stood out was their efficiency. Despite my tight timeline, they worked diligently to expedite the entire process while maintaining a high level of accuracy and professionalism. They kept me informed at every step, ensuring I was well-informed and confident throughout the process.

I was pleasantly surprised at how painless the entire mortgage application and approval process was with them. They took care of all the paperwork and negotiations, making it a stress-free experience for me.

Thanks to their exceptional service, I was able to secure my mortgage on time, allowing me to move into my new home without any delays. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to them for their outstanding work.

I highly recommend Ezmortgage to anyone in need of mortgage services. Their friendly, efficient, and customer-focused approach sets them apart from the rest. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during this important milestone in my life.

Thank you, for making my home-buying journey a smooth and enjoyable one!

Brandon Johnson

Dixie Diaz, Sacramento, CA

“Sorry for the delay in sending this – we just installed our mailbox at the new house, and just a day or two ago saw your card!  That was really very thoughtful of you, thanks so much! it will definitely come in handy.  And I wanted to thank you as well for an extremely smooth homebuying process, for keeping me and all parties in the loop and informed every step of the way, for being so responsive to questions and requests, and for just being a pleasure to work with. all was very much appreciated. Lillian @ Stewart  Title had nothing but accolades for you, apparently in her experience the process is rarely as smooth as ours was. Anyway thanks again, I feel fortunate that I happened to be talking to Omid at the start of the process and he referred me to you! I will definitely do the same if I know of anyone looking for a home. Many thanks again!”

Dixie Diaz

Chris Proctor, South Lake Tahoe, CA

“Hey Eric, Thanks again for you work on our refi.  It was the smoothest one we have ever done. “

Chris Proctor

Simon Au, Concord, CA

“Glad we stuck with you.  I am not sure about how these other agents keep track of things.  She was the one who told us the seller’s conditions to remove bank appraisal contingency.  We agreed to it and now she has to check her docs?  Either she is handling too many clients or is disorganized.  You on the other hand made us feel we are your only clients.  You are always there and know exactly what to do.  Just my 2cents.”

Simon Au

Jeff Kaptain, Kaptain & Kaptain Real Estate, Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks again for all your help, hard work, and, in general, just kicking ass and taking names on this file.  Mom and Dad Poimiroo know what they’re talking about when it comes to lenders 🙂 Have a great weekend! Best, Jeff”

Jeff Kaptain
Kaptain & Kaptain Real Estate

Sara Flanagan

Eric with EZ Mortgages is extremely professional and efficient. He helped our family through a quick close and delivered on time. He’s approachable, available and thorough. I can’t imagine going through a property closing without him.

Sara Flanagan

Ovi and Maria Moldovan

“Thank you guys all so much for making this happen for us. I felt like we had absolutely the best team on our side. You are all truly amazing and we are oh so very appreciative. Again thank u and we will definitely keep in touch.”

Ovi and Maria Moldovan

Kimberly Dich, Elk Grove, CA

“Wow.. that is fast, I am very happy with the loan.  You did a very great job and kept us posted with all information.  Thank you for all your help! BoA took me 3 months to close a loan with them.  This was so much faster and smoother.”

Kimberly Dich

Victor Vides

“Eric, Excellent job, very quick and you always kept us informed.   More clients are coming your way from me.”

Victor Vides
Excel Realty

Walter Biel, San Jose, CA

“You have been a tremendous help and as before use me as a reference any time.”

Walter Biel

Adeeb Alzanoon, Antelope, CA

“Thank you Eric, I really appreciate your service, knowledge and professionalism. My brother is very happy dealing with you and both of us are actively referring you to potential borrowers.”

Adeeb Alzanoon

Jennifer Hamilton

Eric was very responsive and knows his business! Great experience!

Jennifer Hamilton

Cathy Asbury, Auburn, CA

“Eric Grathwol, if you hit ‘bumps’ other loan officers would have hit ‘boulders’… you are amazing at your job… thank you so much.”

Cathy Asbury
Lyon Real Estate

Elizabeth J. Stoops, Senior Escrow Officer/AVP, Fidelity National Title, Brentwood, CA

“I loved working with Eric!  He was great!!!”

Elizabeth Stoops
Fidelity National Title

Helen Danhakl, Realtor, Oakland, CA

“I’ve been a real estate Broker for 35 years, worked with more mortgage brokers for clients than I can count, and only deal with those known to be honest and absolutely reliable. There’s nothing worse than a promised preapproval or promised closing date that doesn’t come through on time. But even among that select group, Eric stands out for his knowledge of economics. He really knows the math, is astute re the real & not so obvious costs of a loan, and that translates to savings for the client. He’s transparent, and absolutely reliable.”

Helen Danhakl
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