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About Us​

EZ Mortgages, Inc.

Was founded by Eric Grathwol (NMLS 239756), a mortgage industry veteran. We follow the principle that getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be a painful, unpleasant experience for you. We understand that although every individual borrower and scenario is unique, each lender has standard guidelines. Those guidelines are very consistent across the entire spectrum of available loan programs.

Furthermore, EZ Mortgages, Inc., is a mortgage broker licensed by the California Division of Real Estate, making us your Agent securing your mortgage. As your Agent, we have a specific fiduciary duty to you, our client. That means we put your financial interests above our own.  That is not necessarily the case with every bank, mortgage bank or lender, who may operate under different charters and licensing requirements, alleviating that fiduciary duty.

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As Your Fiduciary

We work with you to ensure that you know exactly what your loan options are, and what the underwriting process will require, so we have that supporting documentation in hand for our initial submission.  That means you’re providing basically everything up front – sometimes including the kitchen sink – so that you’re not wasting time in process going back and forth over things that should’ve been included up front.

This allows the underwriter to see the entire picture of your loan at their first look, allowing them to provide their approval quickly. Once we have that approval, we expeditiously gather and provide any minor underwriting conditions to be cleared to close. We then have your final loan documents ready to sign, so we can fund, close and record your transaction.

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It’s as EZ as 1, 2, 3 – Close! When done correctly.

With residential financing, we routinely close purchase and refinance loans within two to three weeks. Commercial transactions are significantly more complicated, and generally take 45-90 days, depending on the transaction.

Either way, your loan should take four touches: Application/Disclosures; Submission; Approval/Conditions; Final Signing/Closing. That’s it. If it’s more than that, someone’s doing it wrong.

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