Dixie Diaz, Sacramento, CA -

Dixie Diaz, Sacramento, CA

“Sorry for the delay in sending this – we just installed our mailbox at the new house, and just a day or two ago saw your card!  That was really very thoughtful of you, thanks so much! it will definitely come in handy.  And I wanted to thank you as well for an extremely smooth homebuying process, for keeping me and all parties in the loop and informed every step of the way, for being so responsive to questions and requests, and for just being a pleasure to work with. all was very much appreciated. Lillian @ Stewart  Title had nothing but accolades for you, apparently in her experience the process is rarely as smooth as ours was. Anyway thanks again, I feel fortunate that I happened to be talking to Omid at the start of the process and he referred me to you! I will definitely do the same if I know of anyone looking for a home. Many thanks again!”

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