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darrell peer

I’ve used Eric for my mortgages for the past 12 or so years, 2 purchases and 2 refi’s I believe. Most mortgage brokers send you a card once your loan closes and you never hear from them again. I truly consider Eric a valuable asset in helping me meet my financial goals. Over the years I’ve run probably 50 ideas by him, either wanting to refi, some wild ideas about buying other properties, or consolidating debt, etc. I send him an email and he checks into what I want to do then responds with good, honest advice. He’s advised me not to do what I had considered many more times than to go forward, even though he probably could have bought a new car off the commissions had I gone through with every idea I had. I don’t think he’d let me get into a loan I couldn’t really afford.
A side benefit of being his client is that he sends out email updates about the market, rates and sometimes just general financial musings. I look forward to them as much as any paid advisory newsletter that I get.
Any mortgage broker can get you a loan but if you want someone who has your best interests in mind, knows exactly what he’s doing, will be the last mortgage broker you ever need and will entertain your crazy schemes then painlessly bring you back down to earth, nobody else can do it better.

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