So You Want To Buy A Home?

And you need a preapproval letter. As importantly, you want to know how much your payments will be, what you can qualify to borrow, or if you can qualify to buy that home you like? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve helped people get qualified and preapproved for their home purchase loans for more than 20 years. We are a licensed mortgage broker in California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Tennessee, Utah and Washington.

We’re experts in conventional financing, Jumbo loans, FHA mortgages, VA loans, USDA loans, and even construction and rehab mortgages for owner occupants, and investment properties. We do DSCR loans too!

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Or, if you prefer the personal touch, give us a call at 530-303-3643.

Spend a few minutes telling us about your income, and your assets, and we’ll run your credit, and get you pre-approved. If you’re really organized, you can even upload your supporting documentation, but you don’t need to if you’re not there yet, either.

We’ll contact you within the hour, and arm you with exactly what loan options you have, whether VA, FHA, USDA, Conventional or Jumbo mortgage loans, and which options should serve you best, along with the math behind them. From there, we can generate a pre-approval that is specific to any offer you want to make for which you’ll qualify.

And don’t worry. You won’t get bombarded by telemarketers. We’re not like lendingtree or bankrate that are lead generating funnels who sell your information to mortgage preapproval companies. Nor are we a fully electronic, nameless, faceless app, that serves up information without the helpful insight you may want, or need, to sort through your spectrum of options, and make the best decisions.

We’re real people. We answer our phones and respond to emails or texts, and we’re looking out for your fiduciary interests. We’ll help you assess your options, and evaluate the math, so you’re armed and ready to go house-shopping with confidence. With our offer specific mortgage preapprovals, you won’t be showing sellers all your cards until you begin negotiating terms.

Your home loan preapproval is typically valid for 120 days, provided nothing material changes with your credit, income and assets.

And, if we find you’re not quite in position to qualify for the home you want? We’ll give you a road map to get you where you want to be, and walk with you down that path to help you get there.

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