EZ Mortgage Monitor – September 1, 2023

What does “normal” mean to you?  What does “normal” mean to you in real estate, or specifically, with mortgage rates? Whatever your answers are, they probably don’t align exactly with your neighbors, or your friends, colleagues or even family. To some degree, particularly in economics, real estate, and mortgage interest [...]

September 1, 2023|

EZ Mortgage Monitor – May 5, 2023

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Ever heard of an LLPA? Every mortgage is subject to them, whether you knew it, or not.  And, they’ve been in the news lately. They are Loan Level Pricing Adjustments.  They are supposed to be risk-based adjustments applicable to any/all lenders’ loans.  In the case of [...]

May 5, 2023|

EZ Mortgage Monitor – December 24, 2022

Happy Holidays! I wish the best for you and yours, and hope you’re enjoying yourself this Holiday weekend. Kind of a wild year in real estate this year, huh?  But wait.  So were 2020 and 2021.  Just in the opposite direction from 2022.  Did anyone think those boom times would [...]

December 24, 2022|

EZ Mortgage Monitor – August 9, 2022

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future” – Yogi Berra Have mortgage rates peaked for this cycle? Maybe.  Nobody really knows.  But, it does feel that way, to me.  From a high of almost 6% at the end of June, we saw rates move back to the mid [...]

August 9, 2022|

EZ Mortgage Monitor – April 11, 2022

Who wants a 30yr fixed mortgage in the high 4%s or low 5%s?!  Anyone looking to buy a home, is the right answer.  That’s where the market is, currently. Of course, for refinances, there are always going to be life circumstances that make whatever the prevailing rate is look attractive [...]

April 11, 2022|

EZ Mortgage Monitor – January 2, 2022

January 2, 2022 Happy New Year! I hope that however 2021 was for you and yours, 2022 brings more health, happiness, and prosperity. This is my first missive since March 14, 2020, when the mortgage market nearly froze, and the Fed subsequently unloaded both of their monetary bazookas of lowering [...]

January 2, 2022|
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