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About Interest Rates

Most borrowers don’t know, and most lenders won’t tell you, you always get to choose your interest rate, and the structure of your cost or credit for that interest rate, within the spectrum of market pricing, for your specific mortgage loan scenario. We think it’s important that you know and understand that dynamic. There’s no smoke and mirrors here.

Interest rates are a basic commodity, like gasoline or a head of lettuce, driven by the trading of Mortgage Backed Securities, which are packages of individual loans from originating lenders and purchased by investors. Just like any security, their trading is dynamic and prices can and will fluctuate daily, even several times a day, driven by market dynamics.

We’re all dipping into the same marketplace at any given time, evaluating your scenario as it relates to where the market is priced at that time. The only difference from one lender to another is where they are priced relative to the market spectrum.

What sets most lenders apart is their own margins added to the base security pricing within the overall market place. EZ Mortgages, is a lean, low overhead mortgage brokerage, with established relationships with some of the mortgage price leaders within the industry, which allows us to search for, and find you, the best pricing we can access for your scenario. With a depository bank, or mortgage bank, they have one option, theirs. The pricing they offer is all they have. If they’re priced out of the market, for whatever reason, they don’t have the flexibility to find you better rate and fee options. We do, as a mortgage broker. We shop for you. And, as your fiduciary, we put your financial interests ahead of our own. That’s just good business, but not everyone carries that responsibility as we do.

The interest rates listed on this site provide a snapshot of market activity at this time. However, your specific scenario may earn you better or worse rates than listed here.

To request a quote, you can use the links in the upper left, or visit our Quote Request Page and submit your home loan preapproval application there, or just give us a call. We’ll check today’s pricing for your scenario and respond to you as quickly as possible, usually within an hour.

Rates listed on this site are for informational purposes only, and may differ depending upon your exact scenario. You may have access to better or worse rate and fee structures, depending on your credit history, credit scores, loan amount, loan to value ratio, property type, occupancy and loan program. In order to provide a firm quote specific to your scenario with actual figures and current market pricing, we need to build a full loan file, have a complete loan application, and run your credit, at which point we are required to provide you with an accurate, Loan Estimate that is binding to us and the fees presented to you, while there is no obligation for you to accept that mortgage quote. We typically provide that within hours of building your loan application. Rates and fees are subject to change, based upon market activity, until your loan is locked.