DJ HodgeDJ Hodge

NMLS: 295369

DJ Hodge was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio and lived there through the 1970’s attending grammar school and playing football, basketball and baseball. You know, all those things kids in the Midwest do. His father was a manufacturer’s representative for abrasive products, and DJ worked in the warehouse packing boxes and driving the forklift around at the age of 10. However, his father had a passion for skiing and fly fishing. Having spent many summers driving from Cleveland to Sun Valley Idaho, Mr. Hodge finally pulled the trigger and moved the family out west permanently to Ketchum, Idaho in 1982. DJ spent his time in the 80’s attending the Ketchum Sun Valley Community School, playing soccer, fly fishing, hunting, and skiing and snowboarding… a lot.

His passion for skiing and snowboarding landed him at the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1989, where again, he spent 5 years skiing, snowboarding and receiving his degree in Anthropology in 1994. After College, DJ worked for the Idaho portion of the family business in Hailey Idaho as the national sales manager for a ski and snowboard tool company, which sold wax and scrapers and files etc. to over 3000 ski tuning shops worldwide. His dad sold this business in 1996 and DJ moved to Newport Beach, CA in 1997, swiftly landing a job in the Mortgage business. The rest is history! DJ has been doing home loans as a fully licensed Loan Officer since 1998.

DJ currently works for his Broker, who ironically was his roommate back in Boulder in 1993! Funny how things circle around. DJ has been working with EZ Mortgages, Inc. since 2015 and according to DJ, “It’s the best move I ever made, what took me so long to figure out working for small Brokers is better”. EZ Mortgages, Inc. helps me make things easy for my clients while still offering the most competitive rates in the country. We are nimble, quick, and make things simple in an industry that often has a stigma for being a pain. After all these years I have realized that the smaller the Brokerage shop the less bureaucracy and minutia my clients and I have to deal with. Which just makes everyone happier through the process.”

DJ spends time with his wife and daughter in Costa Mesa, CA most of the year, and also in Ketchum, ID for a good chunk of the year. Being licensed in CA, ID, UT, and WA, DJ has a firm understanding of these real estate markets, as well as knowing the landscape and more importantly the people, inside and out. His connection to the land, but mores-so the people living and moving to these locations, makes him a prefect fit for anyone looking to obtain a purchase home loan or refinance in these states. And if you want to spend a few minutes talking about skiing or fly fishing, he is always available to chat it up as well. To contact DJ, call or text his cell at 310-508-3788 or by email