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There are several ways you can request a quote from us:

Call Us

We always answer our phone when we can, and when we can’t we return calls practically instantly.  Within a 5-10 minute conversation, we can usually cover all the bases of your scenario, and provide general estimates of your options, including a specific, written, binding, Good Faith Estimate. (530) 303-3643

“Short” Request Form

Fill out our Short Quote Request Form by clicking on appropriate the tab below. This will give us a loose sense of your scenario, so we can provide a tight ballpark of your loan options with a range of rate and fees that may apply.  This does not include a specific, written, binding Good Faith Estimate.

“Detailed” Request Form

Fill out our Detailed Quote Request Form by clicking on the appropriate tab below. Completing and submitting this form will allow us to run your credit and build a firm, binding, written Good Faith Estimate specific to your exact parameters, outlining precise figures for your chosen loan program(s).


Short Quote Request Form